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The Lofoten Seafood Center is a visitor center for aquaculture and traditional fishing. Together, we take a boat ride out to the fish farm where you can visit the salmon and participate in feeding them. What makes our center unique is that we also showcase the whitefish industry and stockfish production. 


Located in the heart of Lofoten, we welcome guests from all corners of the world, as well as local residents, school classes, and kindergartens. 


From February to June and September to December, the center is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 14:00. During the summer season from June to August, we are open every day from

10:00 to 17:00.

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Call us at (+47) 478 08088 or send an e-mail to to BOOK a spot on one of our tours.

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  • Duration: approximately 
    1,5 hours

  • Guided tour in our visitor center

  • Approximately 10-minute boat ride to the viewing site

  • Visit to the fish farm

  • Tastings 

  • Wetsuits available in all sizes. Please wear suitable shoes according to the weather. 

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  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

  • Guided tour in our visitor center

  • Walk under the fish drying racks

  • Visit our stockfish storage

  • Introduction to how to select stockfish 

  • Tastings


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  • Combination of Salmon Farm Tour and House of Stockfish Tour

  • Duration: approximately 2.5 hours

  • Tastings

  • Clothing and equipment will be provided.


We welcome school classes to visit us!

All school classes that wish to do so can come to us and learn about the production of Norwegian seafood. The educational program will be adapted based on the season.


In the autumn, the focus is on salmon, and we would like to take all students to the fish farm. During the winter and spring, which is the season for skrei, we shift our focus to Lofoten's traditional fishing and stockfish.


We also provide lunch in our restaurant. If you are a teacher, parent, or know someone who would like to visit us,

please get in touch!

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