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Lofoten seafood sommer.jpg


Lofoten Seafood AS was established in 1980 by Britt and Roger Mosseng. The business started with Atlantic salmon farming and later resumed the whitefish production that had been taking place in Mortsund for several generations. Today, this family-owned company is a fully integrated enterprise involved in hatchery operations, fish farming, slaughterhouse, processing, a visitor center, a restaurant, as well as sales and export of all our products.


The company has an annual production of 10,000 tons of salmon and 2,500 tons of whitefish, which are landed at the reception station in Napp, Flakstad municipality. Lofoten Seafood is the brand name for the group. As a responsible corporate citizen, we prioritize operating in harmony with nature and the local community.


The Lofoten Seafood Center serves as our venue for showcasing, educating, and integrating within the seafood industry. Each year, the visitor center welcomes local residents, school children, and visitors from around the world to provide knowledge about various production methods through participation, inclusion, and taste experiences.

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