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Atlantic salmon is a natural product and an important source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. In the Vestfjorden area and along the islets near Landegode, located at 69 degrees north, salmon thrive in harmony with nature both in summer and winter.

The annual production represents 10,000 tons, and after

a production period of 20 months, it reaches fish markets worldwide.


To offer high-quality salmon, several factors need to align. Quality control at every stage is essential to provide

optimal conditions for the fish and ensure good fish health throughout the production process.

The salmon grows in pristine waters with crystal-clear

water and ocean currents that provide favorable growth conditions.

The salmon feed is carefully formulated with important nutrients to support the fish's health and growth. Our specialized operators monitor the salmon and handle them gently at every stage of production until they are ready for shipment to the mainland.





Lofoten Seafood produces and sells Atlantic salmon. With control at every stage, from eggs to harvested fish, we ensure the highest quality.

Our production facilities are geographically located in Lofoten and outside Bodø.


The salmon is packed fresh, head gutted, in polystyrene boxes with ice and sold to various destinations worldwide.​

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