Norway's oldest export product and the Norwegian building block throughout history.
Lofotfiske has been going on for centuries. The cods comes from the Barents sea to the area around Lofoten where they find the right conditions to give life to new fish.
Each year the cod swim hundreds of miles from the cold north to Lofoten, to bring the generations ahead.
During this period the worlds largest cod fishing takes place and fishermen from all over the country come to participate in this wonderful adventure.
Lofoten is the only place in the world where it's possible to produce stockfish of first quality due to the particular mild and the changing climate in the winter period from January to April.

Lofoten Sjøprodukter AS is a producer of this wonderful natural product, which is highly appreciated both at home and abroad.
Focusing on proper selection of boats and fishing equipment along with qualified employees, produces stockfish of first quality.
The product is sorted by professionals that classifies products in over 20 different categories.
A large part of this wonderful natural product, find its way to the market in Italy, but also other destinations have become very interested in the product.

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